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Retail Store
Soho / New York

The corner of Spring and Wooster Streets appears to be 2 separate lots. On the corner stands a Federal style building that has undergone a multitude of uses since 1818. In the 70's, the historic building was combined with its rear garage on Wooster Street expanding it's floor space to 3750 sf.

This project is part restoration, part renovation. After a lengthy approval period, a design was achieved to incorporate the client's, a young footwear retailer, commercial needs with the historic site. Through this design, glass, zinc panels, and transparency are utilized to contrast the new with its historic partner. While being the youngest member of the block, this portion of the building maintains the classic proportions of Wooster Street and the rest of the SoHo Cast Iron District.

Click here for historic images and sketches

Photos of the finished work by Kristine larsen

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New York Times, May 25, 2010