504 Grand Street Kitchen

504 Grand Street Bedroom

504 Grand Street Bedroom

504 Grand Street Living Room
Living Room

504 Grand Street Study

504 Grand Street Dining Room
Dining Room

504 Grand Street Bathroom

504 Grand Street Plan


504 Grand Street Apartment
Lower East Side / New York

This project is an apartment renovation within the historic Amalgamated Dwellings. This complex represents one of the most successful efforts of the social housing movement to create reasonable housing for the working families of 1930's New York.

The client, a publishing executive, was interested in creating a space more suited to his needs as a single professional. In response, a new flow for the dwelling was created by reorganizing the plan to install a dining room. To enhance the loft quality desired, a large opening was created between the living room and bedroom. The bedroom is made private by a large industrial sliding door. The kitchen was then gutted and redesigned specifically for the client and his partner's love of Asian cuisine.

Interior Design Consulting: Matthew Leverone
Contractor: Marek Sokolnicki, Marow Contracting

Photographs by Kristine Larsen